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You’ve seen your surgeon, Dr Moloney, had your investigations and got your date for your spinal or neuro operation.  What is the next step?

You will need to book into hospital.  You can either do this online or in person.

To book in online…

Go to the hospital website

Go to the orange rectangle that says Admission Form and click on it.  You will need to follow the instructions to create a patient account if you don’t already have one.  You then need to fill in all of the patient information for your admission.

To book in in person…

Take the hospital admission forms from Dr Moloney’s office and fill them all in and take them to the reception desk at the hospital.  The reception desk is the first thing you see when you enter from the street level.  Take your admission forms in and hand them to the person at the front desk.

If you are having a major operation such as cervical fusion, lumbar fusion, laminectomy for partial discectomy, lumbar disc replacement, cervical disc replacement or similar you will need an appointment at the preadmission clinic which needs to be arranged as soon as you book your operation.  The preadmission clinic is very busy and if you leave it too late they won’t be able to fit you in.

Do I Need To Stop Taking My Medications Before Surgery?

If you are taking any blood thinning (anticoagulant) medication or anti-inflammatory medications you need to stop taking them about  5 days prior to surgery.  If you have a heart valve or something similar you may need to consult your Cardiac Surgeon prior to proceeding to surgery.

With major surgery we admit our patients to hospital the day before surgery.  You can see Dr Moloney in the hospital the night before your operation and ask him any questions you may have.

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