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Thank you for visiting We respect your privacy and any information collected is kept secure.

The information that you supply to us for your treatment is used for your medical treatment only. You will be asked to sign a consent form at your first consultation. The consent will enable Dr Moloney to communicate with other doctors and health providers (doctors, hospitals, etc) regarding your health and treatment. This consent will also extend to third party insurers and/or workers compensation insurance companies if necessary.

You are also able to supply a password to our staff to enable you to have a family member or trusted friend call on your behalf to access results or information.

Any information provided will be kept strictly confidential and won’t be used for anything other than to offer you the best possible medical treatment.

When paying a bill online through our website you may be asked to enter your name, company, email address, credit card information, invoice number and amount payable. The information collected is used for the payment of that particular account and is not saved. Our billing section is completely secure.

Dr Moloney treats privately insured patients and workers compensation patients.

Private patients can pay on the day with cash or EFTPOS/Credit Card.  Operation accounts may be paid online through our secure website payment system.  You will need to use your unique patient reference number as the reference.

Workers compensation patients can either pay on the day with cash or EFTPOS/Credit Card or obtain an approval from the involved workers compensation insurance company and we can send the account to them for payment.