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Private Patients

Dr Moloney operates at theĀ Wollongong Private Hospital

which means that he only operates on patients who are covered by private health insurance or workers compensation.

Before you see your Doctor

Dr Moloney operates at the Wollongong Private Hospital which means that he only operates on patients who are covered by private health insurance or workers compensation. For information on workers compensation click here.

With the new health fund system, which has been recently updated, in order to be covered for spinal surgery you need to have silver or gold cover. If you are looking at getting a spinal implant like a spinal cord stimulator or a pain pump you would need to be in gold cover. All other spinal surgery like spinal fusions and disc replacements are covered under the silver level of cover. You can speak with your health fund about increasing your cover if necessary but there is usually a waiting period before you can make a claim.

Usually we are able to get our private patients into hospital without too much of a wait and get you back to doing what you need to as quickly as possible.

Before seeing Dr Moloney you should have seen your General Practitioner and had some investigations and possibly tried physical therapy. By the time you see Dr Moloney usually you have tried everything else and surgery is the last resort.

You will need a referral from your General Practitioner and you will need to bring any scans and/or tests you have with you. There will be a fee payable on the day which you will be informed of when you make your appointment.

Dr Moloney will go through your history and look at your scans and/or tests with you. If you need more scans and/or tests he will send you for those and see you again with the results. He will discuss your various treatment options with you so you can make a decision as to what course of action you would like to take.

If surgery is what you decide on we will work out a date and give you all of the relevant information like how to book into hospital and the cost as well as information on which medications you need to cease prior to surgery. We will provide item numbers for you to check with your health fund to make sure you are covered.

If you have any questions during any of this process our friendly staff are always happy to answer any questions or ask Dr Moloney for you if necessary.

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