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Private Patient FAQs

I am not in a private health fund, can I just pay for my operation?

Dr Moloney does not treat uninsured patients.  He operates in the private hospital system.  He feels that having surgery is a stressful time and he does not want to burden his patients with the extra stress of having to worry about unexpected expenses and large hospital costs at an already stressful time.

Does Dr Moloney work under the Gapcover scheme?

Unfortunately Dr Moloney is not able to offer Gapcover for his operations.  The costs of keeping a surgical practice running are not met with the reduced payment that is offered by health funds under the Gapcover scheme.  We charge AMA rates for our private patients which are the fees recommended by the Australian Medical Association.

What tests do I need to have before my appointment with a Neurosurgeon?

The tests required depends on what the problem is and what the doctor is looking for. For more information on the specific things the various tests are looking for see our Tests and Diagnosis page.

If Dr Moloney feels you need any other tests apart from what you bring with you he will refer you for the appropriate test and will then see you again to discuss the results.

I have pain following my surgery, is that normal?

It is very normal to have some pain following major spinal surgery.  The type of pain that you have is important though.  Most of the time it is post operative pain and if you stop taking your pain medication too soon you will not be able to cope with the pain.  However, it is always best to give our office a ring and we can speak with Dr Moloney and make sure everything is progressing as it should be.  It is always better to call and check and our staff are always happy to take a call from one of our patients.

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