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Patient FAQ

Here are some answers to some of our frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

You need to bring a referral, any x-rays you have and your fee if private or workers compensation approval for workers compensation patients.

Does Dr Moloney run on time?

Usually Dr Moloney keeps pretty close to time. If a patient has a more complicated problem Dr Moloney will take the time necessary for that patient though. If you arrive a few minutes early you can have a look at some of our patient information while you wait.

Is there parking at the office?

Wollongong – There is only street parking. It is a good idea to give yourself some extra time as parking can be difficult in this area.

Goulburn – There is onsite parking.

Roseville – There is a two hour parking station across the road that patients can use free of charge if they don’t overstay the two hour time limit.

How long will I be in hospital following my surgery?

Usually 5-10 days if there are no complications.

When can I drive after surgery?

It’s best to wait until after your post op visit before you start to drive again.

Can I have physiotherapy as soon as I go home from the hospital after my operation?

No. You need to let your body heal first. After your post op visit with an x-ray we can organize some physical therapy.

What medications do I need to stop taking before my surgery?

You will need to stop taking any blood thinning medications and anti-inflammatory medications about 5 days before your operation.

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