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Usually I write these blogs with the aim of giving our patients some education or helpful information regarding their health. Today I am writing on a more personal level.

This week, 20 years ago I started my first “real” job. I had wanted to be a Secretary for as long as I could remember and had my heart set on working at a big legal firm. I had an opportunity to interview for a little medical practice and thought I’d go to the interview and use it for practice to improve my interview skills.

I met a dynamic woman and a cheeky doctor that day and haven’t looked back since. That was my first impression anyway. I have since also learned that they are two of the most kind, caring, moral, intelligent, funny and wonderful people I have ever met.

Dr Moloney’s practice is a family practice in every sense. He and his Practice Manager, Julie treat their staff like family and their two children have also worked in the office at various times as well. We treat our patients the way we hope our families would be treated if they were to need to go and see a surgeon. In fact a lot of my family members have become patients over the years as well.

I’ve seen great results from Dr Moloney’s surgeries. The amount of people who say they wished they’d had surgery sooner and the amount of people who say they have got their life back because of the surgery Dr Moloney has done for them I couldn’t even begin to count.

I’ve gone from a young inexperienced girl with no idea about the medical system to an integral part of a great team of people who always go the extra mile to help a patient.

Every now and then I wonder what would have happened if I had an interview at a law firm instead of that little medical practice. I can’t imagine it could have been anywhere near as interesting or fun as working for a place that value their patients so highly and actually change lives for the better.

20 years sounds like a really long time to be working in the same job but when it’s as fun and interesting as my job it’s not long at all. Here’s to the next 20 Dr M!

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