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Spinal Surgery – It’s a Team Sport!

There are so many things to think about if you have been told you need a spinal operation. You are given a lot of new information usually in a short space of time and are struggling to accept the fact that you need major surgery and are dealing with all of this new information the best you can.

You see your spinal surgeon usually in his or her office which in Dr Moloney’s case could be in Wollongong, Sydney, Bowral or Goulburn. The Spine Surgeon is your point of contact and the person with whom you discuss your treatment.

What you often don’t see is the team of people supporting the Surgeon who are all very important as well. It is great to see the best spine surgeon in Wollongong, but it is even better to get the best spinal surgery team as well.

You have administration staff in the Surgeon’s office who are there to hold your hand and work out costs and organise your admission and investigations and guide you through the entire process and liaise between yourself and your Spinal Surgeon. If you are involved with a Workers Compensation claim the Spinal Surgeon’s staff will organise your approval and deal with the insurance company to facilitate your Workers Compensation surgery authorisation as quickly as possible.

When you are admitted to the hospital there are Nurses on the ward who look after you prior to surgery, as well as the Intensive Care Unit Nurses and theatre staff.

Dr Moloney has a very special team of people who he likes to do his surgery with. He uses the same Assistant Surgeon and Anaesthetist almost every week and he has regular Theatre Nurses who help him with his back operations. There are representatives from different companies there to assist with prostheses and equipment. Everyone has their own specific role. Every now and then somebody from the usual team may be away but you can be sure Dr Moloney will only replace them with someone of equally high standards and you will have the best possible team on the day.

Every single person in this process is very important and has been chosen carefully by Dr Moloney. He likes to get the best possible result for his patients and chooses to work with the best team.

Dr Moloney has a wealth of experience and is constantly updating his knowledge and skills to offer the very best treatment and his team does the same.

We know that having spinal surgery is a big deal and we try to make that process as stress free as possible.

You can be sure you are in good hands from the moment you call Dr Moloney’s office to the time you come back for your post op check up (…and beyond)!

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