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Dr Google Vs Specialist Spine Surgeon

You’ve hurt your back and you just want to know how bad is it? So it’s straight to Dr Google you go. We all do it. It’s just so easy these days but how accurate is Dr Google? I think sometimes you can get a bit of an idea of what is going on by comparing notes with other people online. It’s basically hit and miss though.

What Dr Google doesn’t do is ask you the questions about your back pain that to you and me seem not that important and perhaps irrelevant to your problem. To a specialist spinal surgeon who know exactly what they are looking for it’s another story. If they are good they have probably worked out exactly what the problem is before you get to the end of your story.

A specialist has years of experience and has seen many different things. If you or I are googling we are limiting ourselves by our limited medical knowledge and we are only searching for things that we know about. The things a specialist spinal surgeon thinks of are often things we haven’t even heard of.

By all means get an idea from Google if you just can’t wait and you want to kill some time. Just don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Google is the equivalent of talking to some people at the pub who may know someone who had something similar happen to them but if you really get down to it the other persons problem may be a little similar but medically have so many differences it doesn’t even compare.

There is no substitute for an experienced surgeon when it comes to your health.

I put my faith in the surgeon every time.

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