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Over the last thirty years, the Dr Moloney team has improved the lives of patients by providing patients with a wealth of experience and support. The team focus on empathetic listening, ongoing training and genuine patient care.

Our Clinic

Dr Moloney is one of the most trusted and experienced neurosurgeons/spinal surgeons in Australia today.  He remains at the forefront of his field, leading research and development initiatives into improved spinal surgery techniques.

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Changing Lives

Dr Moloney has maintained a focus around the needs of the patient.  He understands the importance of being a listener and an educator, as much as a skilled pair of hands.  He encourages patients to learn about their options and engage with the process they are about to undergo.  He is excited by the opportunity to improve lives through surgical intervention and has achieved this for countless people over the years.

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Dr Peter Moloney

Dr Moloney is one of the most trusted and experienced neurosurgeons/spinal surgeons in Australia today. He began practicing neurosurgery in the mid 1980s, and for the last 25 years he has specialized in spinal surgery. In particular, Dr Moloney has played a pioneering role in the development of spinal arthroplasty in Australia.

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GP Support Line

We offer GPs easy telephone access to Dr Moloney to develop treatment plans.

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A journey of Care

Understand your journey before, during and after spinal surgery.
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Conditions and Diagnosis

Understand the conditions we treat and the tests we require.


Understand the surgical procedures and day procedures that we provide.

“I help patients ask the right questions...

The time they can’t ask questions is when the anaesthetic starts working.

In a way my job is a third education, a third listening, and a third operating.”

Dr Peter Moloney
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